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Welcome! I’m glad you’re here and am excited for you to take time NOW to Create a Life You Love™. I created the Lines In The Sand course several years ago when I found my life slipping away from a life I loved. During that time, I came to realize that I had lost track of my most important personal values and that my decisions had resulted in a life that was filled with frustration and unhappiness.

I committed myself to a year-long process to find my true self and to discover and implement rock solid tactics that would keep my life aligned with who I really was and what I wanted my life to look life. The efforts I made worked. I discovered a way to find and live a life I loved. Those close to me noticed, and they started to ask me to teach them how to have lives they loved, and so this all began. I created this ten-step course and have taught many wonderful people how to find their way to lives they love. In 2016, I brought this intimate experience online, allowing people all over the world to discover this life changing experience.

Get on board for this beautiful online journey. Lines In The Sand is a self-paced program that will lead you through the process that will help you to clarify exactly how you want to live your life.

Discover, affirm and prioritize your values – then learn how to use those to guide yourself in making sound decisions that make living your authentic life possible. Learn to identify and eliminate your perceived life limitations. Uncover your own powerful motivators to activate your life’s true purpose.

I discovered the path to living my dream life. Learn how I created ‘Lines in the Sand’…

This class is special.  We spent an entire year, thoughtfully crafting an interactive Online Edition for Lines In The Sand. We are proud to offer an experience that is as close as it gets to the Live Course in our Rancho Santa Fe, California barn. This self-paced course breaks down all the details to help you blow the lid off the restrictive thoughts, patterns and beliefs that you’ve held on to for too long. Join us on the adventure as you explore, restore and reunite with your true essence… imagine, design and dare to live an authentic life filled with joy and appreciation.  Courageously become your best self.  There is “soul work” and a creative project associated with each lesson.  You’ll shed a few tears and you’ll laugh…a lot.  Through it all, you’ll come to know that less is more, happiness is a choice, and it is when you look within that you discover peace. This safari to the soul is a trip of a lifetime and one well worth taking.  You can get answers to Frequently Asked Questions here.

Introducing the Online Edition of ‘Lines in the Sand’…

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