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Week 1 – The Fourth Quarter

Week 1:

Week 1 of The Fourth Quarter is now under our belt.  Here is a summary.

Day 1:  Introduction and framework

Declare a Personal Vision:  This is a statement of what you desire for yourself as you step into 2020.  What do you want your life to feel like and look like in the New Year?  Be specific about this.  For example:  I will have achieved my optimal health and fitness goals by committing to 30 minutes of physical activity each day and an eating plan that is plant based.  And, I will inspire those around me to achieve their optimal health and fitness goals.

Declare a Theme:  What will your theme for the month be?  Mine is to learn.  This allows me to learn something new each day.  I get to reserach topics that I don’t know about and then share them with others.  It is challenging and stimulating and others get to share in my learning.  What will your theme be?

Declare you Top 3 Priorities:  Each day you will decide what three things are important for you to get done that day.  List these and then take the steps to making sure they get done.  Doing this will allow you to accomplish what needs to be done and be productive.  It is time to get things that you have been procastinating done.

Say Thank You:  Each day you will list at least three things that you are grateful for in your day.  Recognizing and acknowledging all that you have in your life

Mediocrity or Mastery?

Why Do People Choose Mediocrity Instead of Mastery?

On most weekends I spend the good part of at least one day looking after my property. It’s a lot of work, but at least for now it gives me great joy to rake and haul and trim and plant and all of the other things that come with the upkeep of my little slice of property. I find the activity of maintenance to be more of physical exertion than mental which leaves me a good deal of time to think. As I was mulching the yard this weekend, I got to thinking about why people choose mediocre over masterful. As I pondered this, I wondered if it was fear. Fear of failure? Fear of leaving the big crowd of mediocrity where it is easy to blend in?  Are they stuck in the ‘herd mentality’?

Willingness to Fail

It seems to me that to evolve into the best version of ourselves, we must be willing to fail, and fail a lot. Failure helps to develop our vulnerability muscle. We get a chance to laugh at ourselves and not take life so seriously. We get to embrace humility. A couple of years ago I started taking painting classes with a few of my pals. As I look back at my very first painting, I indeed am humbled. I have come a long way since those bright yellow calla lilies against a black background.  Don’t be the person who waits all day for 5 pm.  Don’t be