Day 24 Intentional Living: Rest

Rest And Sleep

Our minds and our bodies need rest and sound sleep.  It is during these times that our bodies are working on our behalf to take good care of us while restoring and rejuvenating.  So, make sure that you are getting a solid seven to nine hours of sleep each night.  And, take the time to sit quietly and breath and meditate.

The One Thing

As you are in these phases of rest, think about something that you have been putting off or procrastinating on and decide what the ONE thing is you can do to get this off your plate.  Whatever it is, getting it done will make you feel lighter and you will have a sense of accomplishment.  When you get that ONE thing done, celebrate its completion and then pick something else.  This allows you to live with ease versus heaviness and stress. Stay true and be you —

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What Will Matter…On The Day You Die?

Have You Ever Done This?

I sat in a room full of moms this weekend; really caring, present, concerned and tired moms.  One of the most disquieting things they worry about as a parent is the fact that their young children are anxious.  A few of them have ten and eleven-year-olds who are so distressed about how they look; compared to others.  What their grades are; compared to others.  If they are preparing enough to be accepted into the best college; compared to others.   If they get enough LIKES on social media; compared to others.  And, the list goes on.  As I sat there and listened to these beautiful women describe the ripple effect of their fretful children, I began to wonder about a few things.

I Wonder…

I wonder how many of us are so busy being busy that we miss out on the juiciness of life.  How many of us are so engaged in ‘planning’ our life instead of actually living it?  Does a calendar rule your life, or do you direct your calendar in a life-giving way?  How many of us are exhausting ourselves as we chase the ‘oh so important material things’?  Do you get hung up on what someone thinks of you?  Do you have to win every argument?   Are you addicted to texting, and Facebook, and SnapChat, and Instagram and everything else your gadget does to distract you?  Do you stand in front of a mirror each day and pick apart every inch of your body with disdainful self-talk?