The Badass Soul-Seeking Warrior Podcast Series, Episode 1: Amberley Snyder

I read about Amberley Snyder in Cowgirl Magazine in April of 2016.  The introductory line of the article said, “Amberley Snyder is a badass barrel racer who is also paralyzed from the waist down.”  As I continued to read the article I was inspired by Amberley’s story of triumph over tragedy and I liked her spunky attitude about getting back in the saddle after a life-changing truck accident.

The Badass Warrior Podcast series was high on my list of things to create and Amberley’s story put that task into overdrive.  A little over a year later I was thrilled to sit down with Amberley and learn more about her, her family, and what she felt made her a badass.  You will be inspired by her story, so find a comfortable spot and sit down and listen to this young woman talk about her life and love of horses.  And, when you think you are having a bad day, listen to this podcast again.

Amberley Snyder take-aways

  • 6:26  First big rodeo win
  • 7:57 A life-changing day
  • 10:02 Getting back in the saddle
  • 11:14 Nothing in my life was going to be the same again
  • 12:59 Sell my horses, I’m done
  • 15:56 Back on my horse and better than ever
  • 21:56 My FFA State Convention Speech
  • 23:00 I was living my speech
  • 23:50 My speech saved a life
  • 25:40 No one had ever asked me this question
  • 28:14 How I got to participate in the American
  • 30:15 What riding in
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