Day 29 Create A Life You Love: What Brings You Happiness?

What Brings You Happiness

What people, places, and things bring you great happiness in your life and why? It is a proven fact that what you focus on flourishes.  It is my belief that happiness is a choice and therefore who you choose to surround yourself with, as well as the things and places you choose to have in your life will affect your level of happiness.  It has been my observation that those who I encounter who either appear or state that they are not happy have simply failed to make good choices in their lives.

Writing Challenge

It is always a good idea to be appreciative of all that you are thankful for in your life.  Grab your journal and spend some time listing all of the people, places, and things that you have chosen in your life that bring you happiness and record why having chosen them has added to your happiness.

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Annie Create a Life You Love
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Take a Moment for Self Assessment to Create a Life You Love

Regular self assessment can lead to a life you love

I often hear people say that they are frustrated and unfulfilled with some aspect of their life. And, although they know they feel like this, very few of them know where to start in order to turn their annoyance and displeasure into a life that they love. One thing that I have found useful over the years is to step back and take inventory through self assessment of my life to help me to identify where the frustration and lack of fulfillment are coming from.

At least once a year I sit down and look at nine domains of my life and note my level of satisfaction in each area. The next thing I do is write down at least one thing that I can do in each of these areas to increase my quality of happiness and fulfillment. This exercise helps me to pinpoint exactly where I want to focus my time and attention in order to continue to thrive in my life. I have found this so useful that I have created a Self-Assessment Tool that will assist you in determining what areas of your life could use some sprucing up.

Get yourself on track with free tools

Do yourself a favor and complete this five-minute free Self-Assessment Tool. Not only will you learn where your opportunities for enhancement are, you will gain access to frequent life tips, coaching, and inspiration to help you create a life you love. You

Four Things You Can Do For Yourself to Increase Your Happiness

Earlier this week and article in the U.K.’s Daily Mail caught my attention.  The article is titled, The Key to Happiness? Self Esteem. Psychologists at the University of Missouri-Columbia interviewed 700 students in the United States and Korea.  The students were asked what their most satisfying experiences were and to explain why these experiences made them happy.  Here is what they said:  Being true to themselves, being competent at activities, having close bonds with other people, and feeling respect for themselves topped the list.  The article did not offer any tips or suggestions on how to accomplish these desires, so I will put forward a few of my own.

Here are Four Simple Ways to Increase Your Happiness:

  1. Being true to yourself: The best way to do this is to be your authentic self.  Being authentic and living an authentic life is a choice.  It means wholeheartedly recognizing and accepting your worthiness.  One way to self-test if you are living authentically is to list and prioritize what you value most.  Once you have done this you can compare your values to how you are actually living your life each day.  Are the activities that you participate in and the choices you make each day aligned with your values?  If so, good for you, keep up the good behavior.  If not, what changes and different choices do you need to make in order to be true to yourself and others?
  2. Being competent in activities: The first thing I recommend that
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