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An Interview With God

I was cleaning up my desktop on my computer the other day.  No easy task.  If you saw my desktop, you would know why.  In the process of exercising my best efforts of tidiness and organization, I came across a document that I had titled, What surprises you most? I had no idea where I found this in the first place so, in an effort not to plagiarize words; I did some research.  Here is what I found out.  The actual author of these words is a gentleman named Jim Brown.  Mr. Brown is no longer with us as he died in 2002, but his original work lives on.  Here it is:

I dreamed I had an interview with God.

“So you would like to interview me?” God asked.  “If you have the time”, I said…God smiled.

“My time is eternity, … what questions do you have in mind for me?”
“What surprises you most about humankind?”

God answered.

“That they get bored with childhood, they rush to grow up and then long to be children again.”

“That they lose their health to make money and then lose their money to restore their health.”

“That by thinking anxiously about the future, that they forget the present, such that they live neither in the present or the future.”

“That they live as if they will never die and die as if they had never lived.”

God’s hand took mine and we were silent for a while.  And then I asked.
“As a parent, what are some of life’s lessons

  • A woman embraces surrender by falling backward into the arms of a group of people.

Learning to Embrace and Practice Surrender (a sneak peek into Line Four)

Lines In The Sand offers many valuable tools to help you create a life that you love. One of the best exercises we do is featured in Line Four: Embrace + Practice Surrender. In this exercise, we tidy up many areas of our lives where we have collected people, places or things that don’t serve us. Here are a few examples.

Email: Is your email box packed with emails that are sucking the energy out of you or that are adding to the overwhelm in your life? If so, I suggest that you carve out thirty minutes to an hour to go through your mailbox and delete emails that are no longer relevant. Next, take the time to unsubscribe from the lists that you are on. You are probably already deleting most of these unwanted emails and they are clogging your inbox and wasting your time. You can use a service like Unroll Me  to instantly see a list of all your subscription emails and easily unsubscribe from whatever you don’t want. Once you have your inbox nice and tidy, make it a habit to clean it up at least once a week.

People: At some point in your life you have likely experienced having a person in your life that is an energy drainer, an abuser or user, a drama queen or king or a control freak. Consider this your junk drawer of personal relationships. If you have a person or people in your life that are