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What Do You Want More Of In Your Life?

What Is Missing In Your Life?

I was at my barn, one of my favorite spots to “be” the other day, surrounded by my two horses and my sweet Australian Shepherd, 2Sox.  The horses were contently eating, and 2Sox was busy appreciating the smells of the early morning.  I was scooping horse shit into my Gator and carting it off to the compost pile; it’s one of my favorite things to “do.”   Why?  Because I am outside in nature doing a chore that doesn’t require much talent, and it is when I have some of my best thoughts.   I stood there for a minute, and I pinched myself, literally as I often do and said out loud, “I am so grateful to be here and have this wonderful property.”  And then I thought, I wonder what most people want out of their life.  Later that day I did what I always do when I am curious about something, I Googled it.  The first thing that popped up was an article by Kathy Caprino titled, The Top 10 Things People Want In Life But Can’t Seem To Get.  It was the “can’t seem to get” part that caught my attention.

Caprino surveyed 700 people.  The key question the survey probed was:  If you could say in one word what you want more of in life, what would it be?  What intrigued the author most is that it is becoming more and more obvious that the things we humans desperately long for today are

Going To A Meeting

Be Brief, Be Brilliant, Be Gone

Most of us have attended a meeting of some sort.  You know the ones where you sit around a table with a handful or more of other people and discuss a topic, situation, or challenge.  If you are a business person, it is likely that you spend 35% to 50% of your time in meetings.  Current estimates indicate that more than $37 billion per year gets spent on unproductive meetings.  And, there are more than 25 million meetings per day in the United States.  I am not a big fan of meetings; never have been, never will be.  My meeting mantra is:  Be Brief, Be Brilliant, and Be Gone.

Life Is A Series Of Meetings

However, I do like the metaphor of ‘going to a meeting’ as a simple life hack.  What do I mean by this?  Let’s have a look.  The way I see it, we are ‘going to meetings’ all day long.  We get up in the morning and meet our family before everyone goes their separate way for the day.  We get in our car and join all the others on the highways and byways as we travel to and from places.  We go to family reunions, and weddings, and funerals.  We shop in stores and dine in restaurants and go to church with other people.  We cross the street and ride the elevator and sit on an airplane with other humans doing this thing called life.

Set The Tone For Your Gathering

Since we have

Does Your Shadow Know?

Morning Shadow

Early on Sunday morning, I was walking back to my house from the barn after I fed my horses. My constant companion and handsome Austrailian Sheperd, Twosocks was by my side enjoying the scents of the new day. As we walked along, I noticed our shadows. The rays of first light cast our silhouettes against the ground making us look taller than we are. Thinner too. I stopped to consider our profiles that were interrupting the waves of radiance gracing our sunrise stroll.

A Metaphor For Life

Our shadows are a metaphor for life. Similar to a tall building providing shade from the sun on a hot day, we too can offer relief to someone who might be having a challenging day. The sun that isn’t blocked by that lofty structure can also provide warmth on a day when there is a chill in the air. We too can step out of the way and grant comfort and warmness to someone in need.

Be The Light or The Shade

I urge you to put pauses in your day that allow you to be aware of yourself and those around you. Supply enthusiasm, affection, and kindness in a world that is fast-paced and chaotic. Make an effort to improve ones day because their path crossed with yours. Do things that bring you joy. Hold the space for others to feel appreciated by you. Shine bright when someone needs your light. Courageously step in and exude the coolness and comfort so desperately desired by those