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10 Things You Need To Give Up To Be Exceptionally Successful

Great Advice From A Fellow Thought Leader

I am unwavering in my search for good advice from people who are making a difference in the world.  I came across this article by Elle Kaplan, a self-made entrepreneur and thought leader and I want to share it with you.  As with many things, habits can be a good thing, and they can be a burden, depending on the habit.  Kaplan talks about kicking the following 10 taxing behaviors to the curb.  Here they are:

  1.  Doubt
  2.  Impulsive Emotional Decisions
  3.  Reliance On Praise
  4.  Being a Control Freak
  5.  People-Pleasing
  6.  The Blame Game
  7.  Multitasking
  8.  Bad Company
  9.  Giving Up
  10.  Frivolous Spending

Here is the link to her full article.  https://medium.com/personal-growth/10-things-you-should-give-up-if-you-want-to-be-exceptionally-successful-360c39481d98

I encourage you to read her savvy advice and then make the commitment to rid yourself of any of those pesky habits that are keeping you from creating a life that you love. Stay true and be you —

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  • Learn to better manage your time and stop being too busy.

Ten Steps to Learn How To Manage Your Time and To Overcome Being ‘Busy’

One of the consistent pain points that I hear about in my daily interaction with people is that they don’t have enough time, especially quality time for themselves. Do you need to overcome being ‘busy’ and to learn to manage your time better? I came across a blog post by Praveen Rajarao from his website dailymorningcoffee.com. Rajarao asks the question, Why is today’s world SO BUSY? He offers an answer to this question, but first, he reflects back on his childhood stating, “Once my dad came back home from work, it seemed like he had all the time in the world to spend with us. He never said he was stressed at work, and he never said he had to work overtime.” So what has changed? Rajarao suggests that the main change has been technology.

By the end of 2017, it is projected that 2.32 billion people in the world will have a smartphone. This means that people have access to unlimited content and data in the palm of their hand 7/24. The challenge as I see it is that people are not equipped to manage the information and distraction that comes with the ever-evolving and unlimited possibilities that technology will continue to provide. This is a great example of too much of a good thing can be harmful.

So, what do we do about this? Rajarao offers five important changes that you can make that will help you balance your life in an optimal manner. Here they are:

  • Identify
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We Are 40 Days Into The New Year

By now, 36% of you who made New Year’s resolutions have given up on your goal(s) and by July 1st 55% of you will have thrown in the towel on your resolutions.

For several years running now, losing weight is the number 1 resolution. In 2016 it is still ranked as number 1 followed by:

  1. Getting Organized.
  2. Spend Less, Save More.
  3. Enjoy life to the fullest.
  4. Staying fit and healthy.
  5. Learn something exciting.
  6. Quit Smoking.
  7. Help others.
  8. Fall in Love.

And finally…

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