Badass Soul-Seeking Warrior Podcast Series

The Badass Soul-Seeking Warrior Podcast Series, Episode 8 : Marji Guyler-Alaniz

Marji Guyler-Alaniz, founder of Farmher

It all started with a dream and a camera.

In 2013, Marji Guyler-Alaniz had just left her job in corporate agriculture and started a photo project titled FarmHer, capturing women working on the farm. She wasn’t the only one interested in updating the image of agriculture and others began to follow the movement.

FarmHer quickly grew into a place where stories are shared, and women are not only recognized but feel a sense of inspiration and community. Today the business consists of various entities, all shining a light on women in agriculture.

In this podcast, you will hear Marji talk about:

This is Marji

It was time to change my story

The Super Bowl commercial that changed everything

Family life changed dramatically

I had to be an example to my children

RFD-TV Farmher TV Series

Cynopsis Award

Focus on women in agriculture

Barbara Mazurek

My biggest gift

Managing fear

Book & Blog suggestions

Advice about Creating A Life You Love

Final Thoughts

Show Notes:
Super Bowl Commercial:
Book Suggestion: Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg
Blog Suggestion: The Lost Peacock Creamery
RFD-TV Stream link:
Barbara Mazurek Season 1: Stay true and be you —

Annie Create a Life You Love
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The Badass Soul-Seeking Warrior Podcast Series, Episode : Adrian Buckaroogirl Brannan

Adrian Buckaroogirl Brannan

Adrian “Buckaroogirl” is a 20 something firecracker who is equally at home in the branding pen, ranch bronc or stage, who burst onto the western music scene at just 14 years old.

When she began sharing her songs of Nevada and cowboy’in as seen through the eyes of a young woman, the cowboy world hadn’t seen many girls of her caliber performing. But her old soul lyrics and powerful voice related to young cowboys and cowgirls, buckaroos and cowpunchers of the old west alike.

As a student majoring in International Relations and languages, Adrian began taking her time off the road to connect with young women her age through her weekly “Dear Cowgirl” posts on social media and blog. These open letters/poems to women around the world have sparked a massive following for their honest and upfront manner, and continued openness about Adrian’s experiences as a domestic violence survivor.

Western Horseman Magazine has called her the “buckaroo’s Taylor Swift” and have chosen her song, The Will James Days, from her first CD, Highway 80, as one of the 13 Best Western Songs of All Times. Also from Highway 80, her songs, Old Time Vaquero and Praise Him for the Pequaps have found their way into multiple western videos.

Adrian’s second CD, Boots, and Pearls was produced by Tom Russell who said in The Cowboy Way Magazine, “I heard the clear potential. I

The Badass Soul-Seeking Warrior Podcast Series, Episode : Ariana Luterman

Ariana Luterman is 18 years old and a powerhouse triathlon athlete and philanthropist.   In this podcast we talk about her start in the sport of triathlon as well as her being the founder of Team Ariana.  The organization has raised over $150,000 in the past six years benefitting over 5000 homeless children, while inspiring thousands of other kids and adults to follow the Team Ariana mission – to live a healthy lifestyle, find a passion, pursue it, and give back to others in a personally meaningful way.  You will enjoy listening to this vibrant and inspiring young lady.

2:00       Ariana started her triathlon career at seven years old

4:40       Training for triathlon

5:54       Ariana explains the sport of triathlon

11:00    The mental part of the sport

15:00    Creating Team Ariana

17:40    Good parenting makes a difference

20:00    The affects of social media on young people

22:20    Ariana’s advice to her peers

25:42    Ariana and her Dad compete together

28:35    Awards, Honors, Accolades

32:22    The Dallas Marathon

42:40    Ariana talks about creating a life that she loves

45:50    Ariana talks about writing a book

48:10    Headed off to college

49:37    Final thoughts





Youtube video of Dallas Marathon: Stay true and be you —

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  • Georges Daou

The Badass Soul-Seeking Warrior Podcast Series, Episode 4: Georges Daou

Georges Daou teamed up with his brother Daniel ten years ago to create Daou Winery & Vineyard.  The two are inseparable as brothers, friends, and visionaries.  Daou is the realization of their childhood dream and a testament to the to the timeless bonds of family and love.  Georges shares their story here.

  • 1:50 Intro
  • 3:39 Childhood in Lebanon
  • 5:16  Grandfather’s teaching
  • 8:15  Lebanese Civil War & the effects on the Daou family
  • 11:00  Rocket hit the Daou home
  • 13:30  Life is fleeting
  • 14:20  Moved to Paris, France
  • 18:30  Living in shadows
  • 20:35  French rivers & Lebanese waters
  • 23:00  The devil is in the details
  • 25:00  The importance of human connection
  • 26:36  Father’s influence
  • 29:45  Coming to the United States
  • 33:30  Starting Daou Systems
  • 38:47  Retired at 33
  • 40:47  The start of Daou Vineyards
  • 46:00  Daou Mountain and the respect for the land
  • 48:50  A people company in the wine business
  • 50:33  Facing loss
  • 55:46  Leaving a Legacy
  • 59:53  Love is what it is all about
  • 1:01:13  Defining happiness
  • 1:09:38  Final Thoughts
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The Badass Soul-Seeking Warrior Podcast Series, Episode 3: Leslie Farhangi

I first learned of Peony Vodka in the August 2016 issue of O Magazine.  Peonies are my favorite flower so I was intrigued.  As I researched more about the vodka I learned that it was the brainchild of Leslie Farhangi, a Stanford educated attorney who no longer enjoyed being a lawyer so she packed up and moved with her family to a 200-acre farm in the Hudson Valley.   Peony Vodka is a subtly flavored spirit born in eastern Hudson Valley, New York. Drawing inspiration from Dutchess County’s varied landscape, sparkling meadows and rushing brooks, stone walls and inviting trails, Peony Vodka was created to celebrate country living. Three Meadows Spirits’ operations take place in a historic 18th-century house nestled on a 200-acre farm of hay fields, pastures, woods and luscious rows of peony flowers that burst into fragrant bloom each June.

I know that you will enjoy Leslie’s story of passion and perseverance as she speaks about her journey of becoming a player in the very crowded world of vodka.

Leslie Farhangi take-aways:

  • :50 start
  • 2:30  My backstory
  • 3:55  How I handled transitions in my life
  • 6:14  The life event that has had a big impact on my life
  • 7:45  The gift in my life experiences
  • 9:36  Why I decided to get into the vodka business
  • 12:00  Why I use the peonies grown on my farm in the vodka
  • 14:15  What I have learned about myself as I created Peony Vodka
  • 16:30  Why land conservation is so important to
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The Badass Soul-Seeking Warrior Podcast Series, Episode 2: Tara Butcher

Tara Butcher’s life changed forever on her drive home from a night out with her friends.  Her story is a testament to her unflinching dedication and determination to live a life that she loves.  A ten-day medically induced coma, hours of surgery, and the amputation of her left leg are only a few of the challenges that Tara had to overcome.  This is Tara’s account of how she chose to view a life-threatening accident as a gift.  This beautiful young woman generously shares sage advice about choosing happiness and the wisdom of living authentically.

Tara Butcher take-aways:

  • 1:00 Start
  • 4:37  My life changing event
  • 5:18  A car going 72 MPH hit me
  • 5:56  My 10-day medically induced coma
  • 6:45  My injuries
  • 7:30  Waking up from the coma
  • 8:45  My amazing medical team
  • 10:10  The day I told my social worker to get out of my room
  • 11:54 needs edited
  • 12:22  8-weeks in the hospital surrounded by love
  • 13:14 – 13:18  needs edited
  • 13:47  What I learned about myself
  • 14:43  The gift in this experience
  • 16:25 Learning to walk again and other milestones
  • 18:57  I ran in the NYC marathon
  • 20:50  I got hooked on becoming an athlete
  • 21:28  I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro
  • 24:00  At the top of the mountain above the clouds
  • 26:43  I was done proving myself and instead chose happiness
  • 30:22  My biggest fear and how I manage it.
  • 32:00  The best advice I have ever gotten
  • 33:50  Challenged Athletes Foundation
  • 37:45  My trip back
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The Badass Soul-Seeking Warrior Podcast Series, Episode 1: Amberley Snyder

I read about Amberley Snyder in Cowgirl Magazine in April of 2016.  The introductory line of the article said, “Amberley Snyder is a badass barrel racer who is also paralyzed from the waist down.”  As I continued to read the article I was inspired by Amberley’s story of triumph over tragedy and I liked her spunky attitude about getting back in the saddle after a life-changing truck accident.

The Badass Warrior Podcast series was high on my list of things to create and Amberley’s story put that task into overdrive.  A little over a year later I was thrilled to sit down with Amberley and learn more about her, her family, and what she felt made her a badass.  You will be inspired by her story, so find a comfortable spot and sit down and listen to this young woman talk about her life and love of horses.  And, when you think you are having a bad day, listen to this podcast again.

Amberley Snyder take-aways

  • 6:26  First big rodeo win
  • 7:57 A life-changing day
  • 10:02 Getting back in the saddle
  • 11:14 Nothing in my life was going to be the same again
  • 12:59 Sell my horses, I’m done
  • 15:56 Back on my horse and better than ever
  • 21:56 My FFA State Convention Speech
  • 23:00 I was living my speech
  • 23:50 My speech saved a life
  • 25:40 No one had ever asked me this question
  • 28:14 How I got to participate in the American
  • 30:15 What riding in
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