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The Badass Soul-Seeking Warrior Podcast Series, Episode 3: Leslie Farhangi

I first learned of Peony Vodka in the August 2016 issue of O Magazine.  Peonies are my favorite flower so I was intrigued.  As I researched more about the vodka I learned that it was the brainchild of Leslie Farhangi, a Stanford educated attorney who no longer enjoyed being a lawyer so she packed up and moved with her family to a 200-acre farm in the Hudson Valley.   Peony Vodka is a subtly flavored spirit born in eastern Hudson Valley, New York. Drawing inspiration from Dutchess County’s varied landscape, sparkling meadows and rushing brooks, stone walls and inviting trails, Peony Vodka was created to celebrate country living. Three Meadows Spirits’ operations take place in a historic 18th-century house nestled on a 200-acre farm of hay fields, pastures, woods and luscious rows of peony flowers that burst into fragrant bloom each June.

I know that you will enjoy Leslie’s story of passion and perseverance as she speaks about her journey of becoming a player in the very crowded world of vodka.

Leslie Farhangi take-aways:

  • :50 start
  • 2:30  My backstory
  • 3:55  How I handled transitions in my life
  • 6:14  The life event that has had a big impact on my life
  • 7:45  The gift in my life experiences
  • 9:36  Why I decided to get into the vodka business
  • 12:00  Why I use the peonies grown on my farm in the vodka
  • 14:15  What I have learned about myself as I created Peony Vodka
  • 16:30  Why land conservation is so important to
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The Badass Soul-Seeking Warrior Podcast Series, Episode 2: Tara Butcher

Tara Butcher’s life changed forever on her drive home from a night out with her friends.  Her story is a testament to her unflinching dedication and determination to live a life that she loves.  A ten-day medically induced coma, hours of surgery, and the amputation of her left leg are only a few of the challenges that Tara had to overcome.  This is Tara’s account of how she chose to view a life-threatening accident as a gift.  This beautiful young woman generously shares sage advice about choosing happiness and the wisdom of living authentically.

Tara Butcher take-aways:

  • 1:00 Start
  • 4:37  My life changing event
  • 5:18  A car going 72 MPH hit me
  • 5:56  My 10-day medically induced coma
  • 6:45  My injuries
  • 7:30  Waking up from the coma
  • 8:45  My amazing medical team
  • 10:10  The day I told my social worker to get out of my room
  • 11:54 needs edited
  • 12:22  8-weeks in the hospital surrounded by love
  • 13:14 – 13:18  needs edited
  • 13:47  What I learned about myself
  • 14:43  The gift in this experience
  • 16:25 Learning to walk again and other milestones
  • 18:57  I ran in the NYC marathon
  • 20:50  I got hooked on becoming an athlete
  • 21:28  I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro
  • 24:00  At the top of the mountain above the clouds
  • 26:43  I was done proving myself and instead chose happiness
  • 30:22  My biggest fear and how I manage it.
  • 32:00  The best advice I have ever gotten
  • 33:50  Challenged Athletes Foundation
  • 37:45  My trip back
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