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Day 30 Intentional Living: Focus On What You Want

Focus On What You Want

It is easy for things to spiral out of control if you focus on what you don’t want.  Instead, you must focus on what you do want.  When you are having one of those days, you know the ones where it seems like everything is going wrong, you have to do something to change your state and focus.  What works for me is to do a gratitude rampage.  What does this mean?  Well, I either grab my journal or go on a walk, and I start listing everything in and about my life for which I am grateful.  I start at the tip of my toes and go to the tip of my head and everything in between.  I say thank you, thank you, thank you.  The reason this helps is that it changes your focus to things that are positive instead of upstream or negative.


Our thoughts gain momentum.  If we are thinking thoughts that do not serve us and that assist us in feeling bad, they will gain momentum, and more of those kinds of views will come.  Likewise, when we are in a state of gratitude and joy, our thoughts will be positive and useful.  There is no doubt which of these thought processes are more likely to help us to create a life that we love.  Choose easy.  Choose flow.  Choose joy.  Choose downstream. Stay true and be you —


Day 29 Intentional Living: Take The Lead

Take The Lead

Life is not happening to you.  Life is responding to you.  Life always follows your lead.  So, take the lead.  What do you want your life to look like, and feel like, and be like?  However life is showing up for you it is because of the way you think, talk and act.  You are in charge of creating your reality.  I often listen to people make excuses for the way their life is.  These same people blame others in their life for how things are for them.  They point to people, places, and things outside of themselves as the reasons their life isn’t how they would like it to be.

It’s An Inside Job

Taking the lead means living life from the inside out, not the outside in.  To create a life that you love, you must be willing to question the agreements you have made in the past and make new ones.  You must take the lead.  Ask for what you want.  Speak to yourself and others in a way that attracts this to you.  Let your actions be inspired, don’t simply go through the motions.  What an amazing opportunity to make your life all that you want it to be. Stay true and be you —

Annie Create a Life You Love
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Day 28 Intentional Living: Advice To Your Younger Self

What Advice Would You Give To Your Younger Self?

I had the honor and privilege to have Adrian Buckaroogirl Brannan as my podcast guest last week.  One of the many questions I asked her was, ‘what advice would you give to your younger self’?  We had a nice chat about bravery, and courage, and worthiness.  I ask you the same question, ‘what is your best advice to your younger self?  You have some years, and experiences, and people, and places under your belt now.  You are wiser for the way life has come at you and how you handled it, or not.  You are more mature in your being and hopefully wiser too.

Our Belief System

Generally, until we are at least twelve years old the beliefs we develop are passed along to us by people who care for and watch over us, likely our parents.  And since we don’t have the resources or maturity to sort out how we feel about these beliefs that are instilled in us, we unknowingly agree to accept them as true.  As we evolve into adulthood we can then have a second look at the agreements we have made and decide if we want to make different agreements with ourselves and others.  That would be my advice to my younger self: Look back on all that you have agreed on over the years and determine where you want to redesign your agreements.

  Stay true and be you —

Day 27 Intentional Living: Manage Your Vibration Energy

Manage Your Vibration

I have often said that I am a vibration snob.  What do I mean by this?  Well, I practice thinking positive, joyful, and high energy thoughts.  I watch my words, disciplining myself to speak in a way that adds good energy and value to conversations.  All of this is part of managing my vibration.  Have you ever been around someone who sucks the energy right out of you?  You know the one who is always looking at their world as the glass is half empty.  Their energy and way of being are draining and heavy.  Then there is the person that lights up a room.  The life of the party, everything is good and getting better.  Their high vibrating energy lifts your spirits and brings you joy.  And, the best news about this person is that their energy is authentic.  It is simply who they are.

Be A High Flyer

As you go through your days, pay attention to the vibration you are emitting out to the world.  And, just as importantly, don’t allow yourself to lower your energy to a lower level.  Don’t plug into people, places, or things that are at your same vibration of higher.  If you find yourself in a low vibrating state, then you must do something to change how you feel about things.  Do something that makes you feel good and that inspires good thoughts and deeds.  Be the one who lights up a room! Stay true and be

Day 26 Intentional Living: Vocation Versus A Job

Vocation Versus A Job

I want to talk with you about having a vocation versus a job.  Do you enjoy the service that you provide to the world?  One with a vocation never works, one with a job never stops thinking about the weekend.  The Japanese have a word for what gets you out of bed in the morning: they call it ikigai (pronounced ‘e-key-guy’). Ikigai is described as that sense you have when you wake up and know that this day matters. It is a reason for being. The word ikigai is generally used to indicate the source of value in one’s life or the things that make one’s life worthwhile. I believe that we all have an ikigai. I have found mine. Have you? If yes, good for you. If no, don’t stop until you know in every cell of your body how you can best serve others.

Ask And Answer

Asking ourselves insightful questions gives us useful answers.  Here are three questions that I suggest you consider regarding the idea of a vocation versus a job:

1. Can I look at myself in the mirror and say I love what I do?

2. Is my vocation serving others? How?

3. What would it look like for you to approach tomorrow with a sense of honor and privilege, believing that you have work to do in the world, that it matters, that it’s needed, that you have a path and you are working your craft? (From the book How To Be Here by Rob

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Day 25 Intentional Living: The Space Between Stimulus and Response

Sacred Space

There is a sacred space between stimulus and response.  What do I mean by that?  Well, when someone or something charges your emotions in a negative way, it is important to honor that space.  It means to pause and give yourself a chance to think about the most appropriate response to the situation.  This is especially true if you are responding to a text message or a digital communication of some sort.  So much can be, and often is taken out of context in these forms of interaction.  Have you ever heard the term, ‘Ready, Fire, Aim’?  Most of the time this is not a good strategy.  We have all done something or said something that we wish we wouldn’t have.  If given the chance, we would take it back.  So, a better strategy is ‘Ready, Aim, Fire’.  This means that you give yourself time to collect your emotions and your thoughts prior to responding to any circumstance in your life.  Hold that space between stimulus and response sacred.  React to nothing, respond to everything. Stay true and be you —

Annie Create a Life You Love
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Day 24 Intentional Living: Rest

Rest And Sleep

Our minds and our bodies need rest and sound sleep.  It is during these times that our bodies are working on our behalf to take good care of us while restoring and rejuvenating.  So, make sure that you are getting a solid seven to nine hours of sleep each night.  And, take the time to sit quietly and breath and meditate.

The One Thing

As you are in these phases of rest, think about something that you have been putting off or procrastinating on and decide what the ONE thing is you can do to get this off your plate.  Whatever it is, getting it done will make you feel lighter and you will have a sense of accomplishment.  When you get that ONE thing done, celebrate its completion and then pick something else.  This allows you to live with ease versus heaviness and stress. Stay true and be you —

Annie Create a Life You Love
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Day 23 Intentional Living: Do Not Harbor Anger

Stop Holding Onto Anger

Don’t harbor anger.  It doesn’t help you, it doesn’t serve you, and it keeps you stuck.  Holding onto anger puts you in a state of dis-ease which can manifest as diseases like cancer, heart challenges and other unhealthy and harmful maladies.  And, having anger toward a situation or person allows that person to have power over you.  Take your power back.  Let that situation or person go and claim your freedom.

Why Are You Angry?

When you are angry, I find it useful to do some self-examination on why you are mad.  We need to look at all facets of the situation in order to gain clarity and perspective.  And, it never hurts to see what it is about ourselves that might be contributing to these feelings or angst and unrest.  Whatever it is, release it and allow yourself to move on. Stay true and be you —

Annie Create a Life You Love
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Day 22 Intentional Living: Stop Comparing

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

From this day forward, I want you to stop comparing yourself to others, and I want you to stop comparing your life to the lives of others.  Comparison destroys joy.  Take ownership of your life.  No two people are alike, so it is impossible to compare yourself to someone else.  You are on your journey.  Stay on it.  Let others do their journey their way.  And, if you insist on playing the comparison game, do this.  Compare your current self to your best self.  You are your focus, no one else, you. Stay true and be you —

Annie Create a Life You Love
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Day 21 Intentional Living: Spend Time In Nature

Let Nature Recharge You

Spending time in nature always recharges me.  I have set one day a week aside to write.  These writing days wear me out.  So, I either take a break in the day and go for a walk in nature or at the end of the day I go outside to re-energize myself.  The elements of natural life are loyal friends that consistently show up to help me reinvigorate myself.  Whether it is a gentle breeze, the sun warmly penetrating my skin, or the birds cheerfully singing a happy song, it always helps me to step outside and take it all in.  Spend some time in Nature. Not only is it grounding, but it is also one of the best ways to recharge yourself. Take a walk, play in the dirt, tend to your garden, or lay in the grass and take in energy from the earth. Breathe deeply and say thank you. Stay true and be you —

Annie Create a Life You Love
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