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What is the size of your Happiness Account?

It is not unusual to focus on and measure the size of your bank account. And some people get caught up in comparing their bank account to others, which in my humble opinion is never a good idea. How about this. How about spending some time focused on the size of your happiness account. What does that mean? Simply put, ask yourself how happy you are. The following is a list of questions to consider as you are beefing up your happiness account:

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The ‘Hot Mic’ Practice

Have you ever experienced this?  You think you are having a private conversation with someone, you are saying  things that you certainly would not want the world to hear, but your microphone is still on and lo and behold, the whole world does hear.  Ouch.  If this has never happened to you, you have probably heard or read about  the hot mic faux pas of others.  These situations are embarrassing , humiliating, hurtful and sometimes career changing.

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