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Independence Day

We celebrate holidays for a reason and we frequently forget the real meaning of these special days.  Often we are focused on the three day weekend, barbeques, parades and fireworks that come along with the 4th of July disregarding the historical importance of Independence Day.  To be born an American is a grand privilege.  We have freedoms and opportunities that so many others in the world will never know or experience.  I urge everyone to take the time to remember all of the men and women who put their lives at risk every day in order that we may continue to enjoy the liberties of our great land.  I am currently reading the book the Lone Survivor by Marcus Lutrell.  In my humble estimation, this book should be required reading by all Americans.  So many of us go through our lives with no understanding or appreciation of what our military personnel sacrifice to defend our great country.  Please don’t take for granted the freedoms for which these people are willing to die.

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Running On Empty

It is paradoxical and yet it is true.  When you empty your head of needing, wanting, or desiring more and accept that all you have is all you need, then abundance shows up in your life.  As humans we are conditioned to “think” that if only we could have this or that, life will be better.  That new car, outfit, job, boyfriend, girlfriend or endless other material items will make you happy.  When in fact happiness is a choice.  Do you want to be happy? Then decide to be happy!  Wanting things outside of yourself is fear based. You become a stranger to your true essence when you allow the ego to orchestrate your daily living.  This ego character can appear to be quite charming and very often convincing.  However the ego thrives when playing on your fears, persuading you that there is a lacking in your life and influencing you that you are not enough.  Don’t drink the Kool-Aid.  

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Live Gracefully

Notice what calls you away from the noise and chaos in the world.  There is sanctity in unbroken silence.  Allow space for things that speak to your heart and do things which give you peace.  There is grace in permitting your life to flow unassisted by your mind and your thinking.  It is only in your thoughts and beliefs that things take on a significance that they don’t have in and of themselves.  Many years ago while attending a weekend seminar the speaker said, “Life is empty and meaningless.”  At the time I did not embrace the wisdom of those simple words.  However, I have come to understand that life and things and events take on the meaning that we give to them….

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You Have The Power

I listened to a the wise words of Mooji ( a few days ago.  The following are some of the tidbits I wrote down from his teaching:

  • “Things” don’t have power in and of themselves.  We give them power.
  • “Things” are only as important as we make them in our own mind.
  • The power we give “things” comes from our identity in or to them not from our pure self.
  • We notice only what the Mind is interested in.
  • Fear comes from the mind…from the past.
  • Discern whether your actions are coming from your mind or the heart.
  • Do what keeps your heart in peace and serenity.
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A Story Is Simply A Story

Everyone has a story.  Some are legendary, others are inspiring, some are funny, and some are even tragic.  The common thread through every story regardless of how we might define it, is that it is merely a story.  Marianne Williamson writes in A Return To Love, “When we’re honest with ourselves, our problem is not that opportunities for success haven’t appeared.  We are given plenty of opportunities, but we tend to undermine them.  Our conflicted energies sabotage everything.  To ask for another relationship, or another job, is not particularly helpful if we’re going to show up in the new situation exactly as we showed up in the last one.  Until we’re healed of our internal demons, our fearful mental habits, we will turn every situation into the same painful drama as the one before.  

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The Messenger, Protector and Visionary

As we were gathering back together during a recent Lines In The Sand class we noticed a hawk regally perched high in a tree over the barn.  One of the participants in the class sent me this beautiful explanation of the meaning of a hawk coming into your life.

In representation to humanity, the hawk is called messenger, protector and visionary. Keen vision is one of its greatest gifts. Hawks see things others miss.

The hawk comes to you indicating that you are now awakening to your soul purpose, your reason for being here. It can teach you how to fly high while keeping yourself connected to the ground.

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