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Meet Me At The Barn is a self-mastery and personal development program designed to help people of purpose achieve their highest level of living. Our courses and training guide you toward living your most authentic life. We help you discover and pursue your true self and passions. This matters because when existence and essence merge, you can be in the world according to your true self, forming the very core of self-fulfillment. Unlike other self-mastery and personal development programs, ours is led by Annie M. Fonte, a Harvard-educated MBA with multiple successful businesses to her credit who is truly living the life of her dreams.

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Real-life Success Stories

Margaret’s Growth

Lines In The Sand was a wonderful experience with Annie (Chief Inspirational Officer) as the teacher/coach. I participated in this course with nine other women from all walks of life. Some were

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Terri Took Control

Lines In The Sand was an inspirational experience.  I never paused in my race in life with family and career to stop and reflect on life the way I did with Annie during the course.  She leads you

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The hardest part of making a big change is deciding to start. Check out these seriously inspiring stories from some of our favorite students.

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